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2022 Conference

$325,000 was awarded during the 2022 Conference

The 2022 Flywheel Conference had 77 companies apply to compete, the largest investment fund to date, and a sold out two-day event making it the biggest Flywheel Conference since its inception. Through careful deliberation, the applications were narrowed down by the Flywheel Angel Network to 31 semi-finalists and then to the top ten who competed live during the conference.

Congratulations to our 2022 winner, Brainspace, which took home an investment of $220,000!



Seattle, WA

Founder: Caitlin Morse

Awarded: $220,000 investment

BrainSpace is modernizing the neuro ICU by developing hardware and software to protect the brain and help it heal. Their vision of success is to improve patient outcomes, reduce ICU staff burnout, build datasets for machine learning/AI applications and expand equitable access to care. Their first product will be used in the hospital to manage severe TBI, stroke, dementia and surgical recovery.



ZILA Works

Renton, WA

Founder:  Jason Puracal

Awarded: $50,000 investment

ZILA Works is developing a patented industrial bioplastic to help product manufacturers lower their carbon footprint. ZILA has traction in the marketplace: the world's largest snowboard manufacturer, and the largest wind turbine manufacturer, want to use ZILA's technology in their products. ZILA is currently scaling up production of their bio-epoxy resin for its first paid pilot of 100 snowboards with resin delivery expected in June.


Walla Walla, WA

Founder: Steve Mantle

Awarded: $50,000 relocation offer and $5,000 Fan Favorite Cash Prize is an Eastern Washington based company focused on unlocking agricultural productivity in labor intensive, high value fruit farms across the US; enabling farmers to grow more, in fewer acres, using less resources. Visualizing unrealized economic potential with precision agricultural data and insights, empowering them to harness the true capabilities of their land and crops in a manner that supports sustainability of the environment.




Aaron Richmond
Managing Director, ENDEAVOR

Abby Jenkins

Co Fund Manger, Flywheel Angel Network

Chrismon Nofsinger

CEO, Nofsinger Group

Dave Parker

Founder, Author, and Investor / DKParker, LLC

Don Black

Ogden Murphy Wallace

Doug Merrill

STEM Engineering Teacher, Wenatchee High School

Engineering Students
Wenatchee High School

Frank Kuntz
Mayor, City of Wenatchee

Glenn Adams

COO, Confluence Health

Jenny Rickel

COO, Native Network

Jenny Rojanasthien

Conference Director, NCW Tech Alliance

Jerrilea Crawford

Mayor, City of East Wenatchee

Jonathan Evans

Cofounder and CEO, KinectAir

Julie Harrelson

Managing Director, Cascade Seed Fund

Katherine Sizov
CEO and Founder, Strella Biotechnology

Kevin Wang
Founder, Mentors in Tech

Matt Adamczyk
Technologist, Microsoft

Mel Clark
President and CEO, CleanTech Alliance

Minda Brusse

Founding Partner, First Row Partners

Miranda Nayak
Student, Wenatchee High School

Rachelle Ames
Vice President of Economic Development, CleanTech Alliance

Randy Fenich
Moss Adams

Tegan Peterson
Partner, Moss Adams

Tim Jenkins
Co Fund Manger, Flywheel Angel Network

Will Little
Managing Director, Prota Ventures


Native Network

City of Wenatchee

Karr Tuttle Campbell

Numerica Credit Union

North Forty Productions

Flywheel Angel Network

AHT Insurance

Clark Nuber PS


LocalTel Communications


Chelan Douglas Regional
Port Authority

Washington State Department of Commerce

Alpha Media

City of East Wenatchee



GTC Technical Support

Bumps' Davis Furniture
& Mattress

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