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The Flywheel Conference is Washington's meeting place for entrepreneurs and investors.


Hosted every spring in Wenatchee, WA; hundreds of investors, founders, and professionals come together to connect, learn, and develop resources for building companies.The keystone of the conference is an investment competition where finalists compete live for an investment award. Since 2018, over 1.3 million dollars in investment awards have been offered at the Flywheel Conference, with millions in follow-on deals for founders who have competed at the event.




finalists competed


years running


attendees annually, from over 150 organizations


of attendees surveyed say they make valuable connections

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Early stage founders can compete for angel investment awards at Flywheel. Flywheel is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to connect, learn, and grow alongside investors and professionals from around the Pacific Northwest.

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The Flywheel Conference caters to both seasoned and novice investors, offering a comprehensive experience. Attendees have the opportunity to engage with emerging startups, established businesses, and fellow investors throughout the day.

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Interested in discovering Washington's most innovative startups? Attend our event for a day filled with insights and networking opportunities with the state's top emerging companies across diverse sectors.

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Educators & Students

Flywheel presents a special chance for students to explore new technologies and businesses emerging in Washington State. Join us to gain knowledge, engage in discussions, and network with the state's leading figures.

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About the Flywheel Angel Network

The Flywheel Angel Network thesis is to invest in innovative companies through the annual Flywheel Investment Conference. Our strategy is to bring a diverse group of investors and founders together to build momentum for growing companies. We strive to create a fun atmosphere that encourages collaboration, relationship-building, and high-quality educational programming.


The Flywheel Conference showcases rural NCW communities as prime options for new business, enhancing economic development opportunities. For investors, it presents a unique chance to connect with companies in active fundraising stages from across the State. A new LLC is formed every year to invest in the winner of the conference.

Upcoming Meetings

Flywheel Angel Network meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending, please email Conference Director, Jenny Rojanasthein at for more information

  • January 10 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm | ZOOM

  • January 25 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm | ZOOM

About the 2024 Flywheel Conference FuND

Every year our angel investors review an average of 60 company applications from across Washington State as part of the annual Flywheel Investment Conference in Wenatchee. Investors select the top six companies to compete and invest in one or more at the end of the conference. Investments start at $6,000 per investor.


The FLYWHEEL CONFERENCE 2024 FUND LLC is an investment fund with the sole purpose of investing in the winning company(ies) of the Conference on April 18, 2024. Fund members have the opportunity to select, research and vote on both the top six companies that compete during the conference and select which company(ies) wins. Members are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the due diligence process. During final deliberation, investors have one vote for each unit purchased. Jenny Rickel will be the managing member for the lifetime of the fund.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Flywheel Angel Investor, email Jenny Rojanasthien at

2024 Fund Manager

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Jenny Rickel

Jenny Rickel is a telecom entrepreneur. She has been responsible for fundraising efforts, finance, sales, and operational duties for Cellular One, Northwest Telephone and Native Network over her career. In addition to her role as an executive at Native Network, which focuses on tribal broadband, she enjoys encouraging and connecting other entrepreneurs to resources and is an active Flywheel angel investor.

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Conference organizers
NCW Tech Alliance

Since 1999, NCW Tech Alliance has served as the region's tech alliance, championing growth and development in North Central Washington. As a 501(c)3, NCW Tech Alliance's mission is to bring people and technology resources together to support entrepreneurs, STEM education, and technology adoption in North Central Washington.

NCW Tech Alliance runs the Annual Flywheel Investment Conference and manages the Flywheel Angel Network as part of their annual programming. NCW Tech Alliance believes in the power of the Flywheel Investment Conference to cultivate and create momemtum for growing companies across Washington State.

You can support NCW Tech Alliance's efforts by becoming a sponsor of the Flywheel Investment Conference, a member of the organization, or a donor. All contributions are tax deductible.

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Conference Director

Jenny Rojanasthien Headshot

Jenny Rojanasthien

Jenny Rojanasthien is the Director of Entrepreneurship at NCW Tech Alliance. Jenny founded the Flywheel Investment Conference in 2017 and is responsible for organizating the annual event.



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