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2021 Conference

$255,000 was awarded during the 2021 Conference

The 2021 Flywheel Investment Conference was livestreamed online. This year’s conference had 50 startup companies from across Washington State apply to compete. Those applications were then carefully narrowed down to just the top six companies who competed live during the conference.

Congratulations to our 2021 winner, Syncfloor, which took home an investment of $150,000!



Seattle, WA

Founder: Kirt Debique

Awarded: $150,000 investment

SyncFloor enables businesses of all kinds, including websites, services and apps, to “use music everywhere,” by aggregating content from the world’s best independent catalogs and creating a streamlined discovery and licensing experience via their proprietary technology and platform. SyncFloor currently offers two online marketplaces for music discovery and are actively building out their platform capabilities so that businesses can integrate SyncFloor’s discovery and licensing experience directly into their website, app or service.

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Flywheel 2021-354-min.jpg


Iasis Molecular Science

Spokane, WA

Founder:  David J. Vachon

Awarded: $50,000 investment

Iasis Molecular Sciences is an advanced materials company developing and commercializing materials science-based solutions to prevent the transmission of infectious pathogens from surfaces. Their advanced materials solutions are broadly applicable across different industries and products. Their primary product development focus targets disposable urological medical devices; a product group where healthcare-associated infections are prevalent, expensive, and deadly



Wenatchee, WA

Founder: Tom Arnold

Awarded: $5,000 Fan Favorite Cash Prize

PetHub is a data platform that puts your pet at the center for all aspects of their life from the time they’ve joined your family. Their mission is to make it quick, easy and safe to find and use your pet’s data. Today, PetHub has 700-800 new pets joining the site daily and over 600 communities using PetHub’s ID tags as their license or rabies tag.

Flywheel 2021-359-min.jpg



Dave Parker

Founder, Author, and Investor / DKParker, LLC

Max Martina

President, Cambridge Leadership Associates

Minda Brusse

Founding Partner, First Row Partners

Martha Montoya

Founder and CEO, Agtools

Brian Vierra

Venture Catalyst, EDCO

James Dorsey

President and CEO, College Success Foundation

Virginia Emery
Founder and CEO, Beta Hatch

Dr. Lisa Brown

Director, Washington State Department of Commerce

Tim Jenkins

President, Colchuck

Glenn D. Prestwich

Founder and Director, sp3nw

Bealinda Tidd

Flywheel Angel Network

Karen Rutherford

Flywheel Angel Network

Lisa Karstetter


Frank Kuntz
Mayor, City of Wenatchee

Cyndi Donahue

Community Engagement & Marketing Director, Ignite

Tegan Peterson
Moss Adams

JC Baldwin

Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority

Rob Tidd

Flywheel Angel Network

Dr. Doug Wilson

Confluence Health

Julie Norton
Ogden Murphy Wallace

Jeff Ostenson 
Northy Forty Productions

Jenny Rojanasthien

Conference Director, NCW Tech Alliance


Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority

City of Wenatchee

Karr Tuttle Campbell

Numerica Credit Union

North Forty Productions

Flywheel Angel Network

Laura Mounter Real Estate & Company

Native Network

Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA)

LocalTel Communications



Washington State Department of Commerce

Clark Nuber PS

AHT Insurance

Cambridge Leadership Associates

Brighton Jones

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